Jatt Fire Karda - Diljit

Another banger from one of our firm favorites Diljit Dosanjh

Babbu Maan : Ohi Chann Ohi Rataan Full Video Song (Classic)

A great classic from Babbu Mann although a slow sad song it shows the diversity of punjabi music

Bapu Zimidar | Jassi Gill


Tigerstyle new track with Harbhajan Mann

Yo Yo Honey Singh Is Back 17th February 2015 News | RealBhangra.com

There has been controversy after controversy but Yo Yo Honey Singh seems to be back with a vengeance with songs for a new Bollywood flick called birthday bash maybe he wasnt away and was just working on a project we here at RealBhangra.com wish him a hearty return and good luck with his latest projects once again welcome back Yo Yo Honey Singh in 2015

Dhol Beats Picks 1

If there is one recognizable thing about bhangra that sets it apart from every genre of music its the dhol beats. Dhol beats are made using the Punjabi drum called a dhol its a large drum which is played using two sticks and it makes a distinctive sound and makes up the base of a track.

Below is a video instrumental we have picked for it well played dhol be careful you will want to dance once you hear it.

New Punjabi Songs 2015 "Zimewariya" By Hardeep Virk

Great new track about responsibilities where the singer begs not be taken from the earth before his responsibilities are met it discuses the common prblem Punjab youth face with unemployment and poverty. Great track educational and catchy.

The origin of bhangra

Bhangra originated in Punjab India a north western state and home of the Sikh religion. It was often performed after a harvest to celebrate a rich bounty. In recent times it has been used for every celebration from the birth of a child to a wedding and just a general night out. Its popularity stems from the fact it is energetic and is a kind of freestyle dance where you take a few basic moves and mone with the beat of traditional punjabi music. Everyone who does bhangra falls in love with and does not miss the opportunity to partake in it.
bhangra dancers in the field after harvest doing the form giddha