Inderjit Nikku - College

Classic gem from 2010 from Nikku great track catchy needs a rerelease in 2014.

Inderjit Nikku - Ik Kurri

I noticed I hadnt added any Inderjit Nikku videos this gentleman is a legend with one of the most representative voices out of Punjab his folk tunes are always loved by Punjabis in India.

amrinder gill judaa 2

Although we steer away from certain types of track this has been added by popular demand Judda 2 Amrinder Gill is a track with good production added with excellent execution a pro through and through.

diljit dosanjh soorma

Diljit Dosanjh soorma is another release from the famous hitmaker of Punjab staying with upbeat tunes as bhangra and folk were meant to be is the secret to his success.

zulfa jaz dhami

Zulfa by Jaz Dhami is an excellent track Dhami is becoming consistent with his releases although over a year old its a track worth listening to

Danny Sarb - Full Charchey

Great artist out of the UK consistent sounds and his latest music is a take on traditional bhangra his voice is developing very very well and we here at Real Bhangra like his approach to bhangra.

San2 - Gal Sunja

Probably the most professional singer out of the UK scene is back and boy does he deliver great track feel good Punjabi as its meant to be.

You can get this on itunes now 

Harji Harman - Jatti

Great track at last tunes finally acknowledging the real beauty of Punjab

Baljit Malwa - Maujan

Baljit Malwa is a favourite of ours here on Real Bhangra his song Mauja charts the enjoyment that he will never forget from his fathers upbringing. It basically shows respect for the stress free childhood many Punjabis enjoyed in their homeland in India so he reminiscing  about his childhoos and the passion can be felt in his voice which is a great sign of a real punjabi singer.

Kanwar Grewal - Mast

Kanwar Grewal hails from Punjab having a traditional Sikh upbringing he started to sing in the Sufi style of east Asia. His song choices often comprise of songs about God and are very very catchy. Having recently discovered him I can see why he is so popular among the youth of Punjab India.

He lives in a religious complex and sings for God and the people who preside in the complex he preaches that it is better to get high so to speak offf Gods name and not intoxicants and you know what it really works.

Although other regions claim Sufi singing originates elsewhere in Asia it really takes on new life in Punjabi and sounds much mellower and really uplifting I have heard Sufi in the past and it has never grabbed me so to speak but this guys music is in a style of its own enjoy I know I did.

DBI ft Saini Surinder Aambh Dha Boota

With the vip camp a firm favorite with us here at at the moment that is because of the awesome bhangra their artists have been putting out the quality of their production and the instruments are very honest to their origins and sound like they could have been produced in Punjab. Surinder Saini has an amazing voice to top it all off great work on the team that produced this track keep up the good work.

Jassimran Keer - Pagg Patiala - Turban Of Patiala

Jassimran Keer - Pagg Patiala - Turban Of Patiala

An unexpected gem I found this whilst looking at tigerstyle great production expect great things from this singer he really has a voice that hits home.

Suki Bhart - Bhagat Singh

An offering from Sukhi Bhart Britasia presenter turned professional singer has released a surprisingly awesome track with a real message for its viewersbased on the legendary Sikh freedom fighter Bhagat Singh who helped India in the 1940's the song really packs a punch surely great things to come from Sukhi Bhart in future well done on a great track executed well.

Bhangra is here to stay forever

I am happy to announce Bhangra although the onslaught and enemies of traditional Bhangra and its associated culture have been many and strong their efforts have been tireless and unrelenting but as a real Bhangra head along with many of my friends and relatives I have been greatly pleased with the resurgence of the music that is so dear to the residents of the five rivers and our exported relatives and cousins.

There have been attempts at merging Bhangra with other forms of music calling it fusion and diluting the real essence of the sound as well as many other ploys like making video an obligation so stopping the real traditional Bhangra artists gaining a foothold into the industry weakening it further.

Punjabis have shown their dedication to their culture by keeping this very important art form alive yet we still see artists appearing on television saying traditional bhangra is head the beats are the same and the music is not progressing, we at feel something so pure as pure as gold to us would only be spoilt by being diluted with the sad depressing lyrics and artists emerging from the mainstream who dont even know how to speak the language of Punjabi which is tied into the Bhangra music we so much adore.

I have even seen artists from mainstream radio stations who host fusion nights and trance music claiming Bhangra needs to evolve whilst feeding their families with the very music they are trying to extinguish, its true to say many of them have now eaten their words and although hate the music with a passion and everything it stands for are keeping their views from public view whilst secretly plotting its downfall by introducing vile videos and slowly chipping away at the very values of Bhangra us punjabis have so come to love.

So whether you are a Punjabi or even none Punjabi from around the world who has and will cherish our beloved music and language for now and in the distant future then raise a glass of lassi to the reemergence of the most beautiful music and culture to rise into this world the music of BHangra.

Peer Tere Jaan Di - Gurdass Mann - Classic Real Punjabi Track

Although a none bhangra track this is a classic punjabi song needs to be remembered

Peer Tere Jaan Di - Gurdass Mann - Classic Real Punjabi Track


Another Tru Skool production this will damage a few dance floors around the world this year support the guys and buy their stuff online

Salaama - Notorious JATT Featuring Kaka Bhaniawala

Brilliant brilliant track a different offering from N.J this track was recorded before Kaka passed on and the lyrics are very very powerful highly recommended buy this track and support the great work of Kaka and Notorious Jatt


E3IN Records are proud to present the brand new single entitled Salaama by internationally acclaimed music producer Notorious JATT and featuring the vocal talents of the late Kaka Bhaniawala. 

Fresh off the success of his recent official number 1 hit single Heartbreaker, Notorious follows up with Salaama. Having worked together only once previously on the huge anthem Ramaal, Salaama promises to emulate the success the pair had on their first project. 

Salaama is one of the most personal songs ever recorded by the late Kaka Bhaniawala where he reflects on his life story, made all the more poignant as Kaka is no longer with us. This is the final song the pair ever recorded together and was started by the duo before the singer tragically passed away in 2009.

Salaama is the third single release from the long awaited and highly anticipated album Gamechanger and promises to further showcase Notorious JATT's depth and vision as a music producer.

Salaama is accompanied by a music video shot on location in Punjab by Silverbak Visuals and edited & mastered in the UK by WV Entertainment & Ballistic Productions.

Salaama is set to officially release worldwide on 20th March 2014 on E3IN Records via iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play & all other leading digital outlet stores.

Keep in touch with Notorious JATT at the following social media links:
Twitter: @djnotoriousjatt
Bookings: /

Mentor Beats - Pabh Chak (ft Bikram Singh)

Amazing new tune from mentor beats with a long lost favorite of Bikram Singh great traditional use of instruments and the video complements the tune perfectly.

San 2 - Nayo Lagda Dil (I feel lonely)

Amazing upbeat track with great vocals San 2 is going to be huge he has real voice training which shows finally a UK artist that has a voice and isnt a DJ or producer real talent shines through.

Notorious Jatt - Heartbreaker

Great track featuring notorious and kuldeep manaks nephews great things to come from this duo