Naughty Boy La La La Feat Sam Smith

Although none Bhangra this tune had to be listed just because of the fresh sound and excellent beats and probably world changing album I presume is to come from naughty boy if this is anything to expect.

This tune literally grabs you by the scruff of the neck gets you hooked and doesnt let go. The fact that people are trying to work out the video all over the net helps push the mysterious nature of the video far out there you cant stop watching again and again.

As naughty boy has noted this is a concept album and I feel I may have an idea of the concept and where he is headed with this.

The videos are deliberate and mysterious so people are left with questions as of the nature the person behind the production it is like a self perpetuating album where I feel we can expect hit after hit as people want an answer to the story and every story has a character that a wode audience can relate to.

I mean when it comes to this particular track how many poeple can relate who hasnt been lectured at or shouted at form work to school to your group of friends there are times when you could just switch off and this tune creates that atmosphere so next time somebody is boring you just go la la la I know I will.

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