If you haven't come across bhangra then now it's time to be introduced to probably the happiest and most upbeat music stemming out of Punjab in North India. A music created by Sikh farmers for dancing and celebrating their harvest the music has taken hold worldwide and been mixed reproduced and re-released by people who emigrated from Punjab.
Punjabi folk music is what is used for bhangra and refereed to as bhangra music.
Where punjabi folk music stands out from hindi and other music is it makes you want to dance no matter where in the world you hail from.
Bhangra is a dance that is done with props to a constant beat and is recognizable if you have come across it before.
From nightclubs to weddings when bhangra music is played it is sure to fill the dance floor.
Although it has been mimicked and made dark by some people who are unaware of the origins of punjabi folk music there is traditional bhangra still available most of which we hope to feature on this website so when looking for bhangra songs or music then bookmark us and visit often.

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