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Bhangra Its Origins & People

Although bhangra music has many different forms in the media and is claimed by people of different cultures around the world the origins of Bhangra are from the Sikh heartland of Punjab in Northern India. Punjab is a small state which was stated as being the breadbasket of India at one time and the people who follow the Sikh religion are regarded as the most friendly and visible race in India which is obvious from their glowing smiles and hospitality.

Bhangra is the form of dance that was done at celebrations and to celebrate the harvest on Vaisakhi a very famous festival.

Punjabi Sikh farmers would dress up in colorful garb and dance the day away after harvest to celebrate their good fortune.

Because of the enjoyment and happiness and fun people find when they participate and take part in Bhangra it has been adopted by the rest of India.

Sikhs worldwide can be seen dancing to Bhangra music an upbeat form of music with Punjabi lyrics which is the language of the Sikhs and Punjab at weddings parties and various celebrations.