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Dhol Beats Picks 1

If there is one recognizable thing about bhangra that sets it apart from every genre of music its the dhol beats. Dhol beats are made using the Punjabi drum called a dhol its a large drum which is played using two sticks and it makes a distinctive sound and makes up the base of a track.

Below is a video instrumental we have picked for it well played dhol be careful you will want to dance once you hear it.

The origin of bhangra

Bhangra originated in Punjab India a north western state and home of the Sikh religion. It was often performed after a harvest to celebrate a rich bounty. In recent times it has been used for every celebration from the birth of a child to a wedding and just a general night out. Its popularity stems from the fact it is energetic and is a kind of freestyle dance where you take a few basic moves and mone with the beat of traditional punjabi music. Everyone who does bhangra falls in love with and does not miss the opportunity to partake in it.
bhangra dancers in the field after harvest doing the form giddha

Bhangra is here to stay forever

I am happy to announce Bhangra although the onslaught and enemies of traditional Bhangra and its associated culture have been many and strong their efforts have been tireless and unrelenting but as a real Bhangra head along with many of my friends and relatives I have been greatly pleased with the resurgence of the music that is so dear to the residents of the five rivers and our exported relatives and cousins.

There have been attempts at merging Bhangra with other forms of music calling it fusion and diluting the real essence of the sound as well as many other ploys like making video an obligation so stopping the real traditional Bhangra artists gaining a foothold into the industry weakening it further.

Punjabis have shown their dedication to their culture by keeping this very important art form alive yet we still see artists appearing on television saying traditional bhangra is head the beats are the same and the music is not progressing, we at feel something so pure as pure as gold to us would only be spoilt by being diluted with the sad depressing lyrics and artists emerging from the mainstream who dont even know how to speak the language of Punjabi which is tied into the Bhangra music we so much adore.

I have even seen artists from mainstream radio stations who host fusion nights and trance music claiming Bhangra needs to evolve whilst feeding their families with the very music they are trying to extinguish, its true to say many of them have now eaten their words and although hate the music with a passion and everything it stands for are keeping their views from public view whilst secretly plotting its downfall by introducing vile videos and slowly chipping away at the very values of Bhangra us punjabis have so come to love.

So whether you are a Punjabi or even none Punjabi from around the world who has and will cherish our beloved music and language for now and in the distant future then raise a glass of lassi to the reemergence of the most beautiful music and culture to rise into this world the music of BHangra.


Another Tru Skool production this will damage a few dance floors around the world this year support the guys and buy their stuff online

Tru Skool Diljit - Karkhu

Another cracker by the legend that is Tru Skool a well produced video with lyris that convey a message that tru skool does so well.

Jaz Dhami - Bari Der

Jaz Dhami really understands the concept of Bhangra and punjabi music as it should be conveyed a positive message using traditional tracks wow what a classic check it our people.

Nishwan Bhullar - Teri Photo

Wow classic modern track with yo yo Honey Singh  about the fact that no real Punjabi martyr has had his photo on any currency and why they haven't. Brilliant brilliant track will get people pumped for years to come.

Juggy D - Okhe Pound

Jugy D is one of the few artists with THAT real bhangra vibe and this song proves it as well as conveying a message it really hits home like real punjabi music should check it out


Ahaa a Real Bhangra favorite now if you have been watching or seeing the rubbish music put out there by many artists and are one of the confused many as to what REAL BHANGRA looks like in its traditional setting well look no further here we go with this amazing true to the art video by Gupsy Aujla and crew

Gurbhej Brar - Chak Dhen Geh

VIP records an outfit out of the UK produces huge hits and is the ONLY company to provide consistent well grounded real bhangra in fact when a famous indian TV channel stated they didnt want traditional looking sardar bhangra dancers on the air VIP records were one of the few to put out even more traditional bhangra guys.

The artists from the VIP records camp are true to the game especially tru skool whose hits are amazing but before we come to the others here is a guy keeping real bhangra and real folk alive its Gurbhej Brar with Chak Dhen Geh


We at real bhangra feel authentic Punjabi bhangra has sold out to the mass market and only a handful of artists truly understand authentic bhangra from its rots in Punjab. This site has been set up to correct that confusion and address all of the issues we feel that arent being addressed by mainstream bhangra artists who probably do not even know the meaning of the world.

As real music aficionados we love the nostalgia of authentic bhangra music and want to only listen to that without the other fillers and rubbish mixed with all  kinds of rubbish to be rammed down our throats.

This may sound a bit harsh to modern bhangra music fans but you have to be passionate about your music as well as everything else in life that is the beauty of Bhhangra music and its authenticity and energy which cannot till date be found in any other genre of music.

Malkit Singh - Tutak Tutian - Classic Tune

If you know bhangra then you Malkit Singh this guy is also known as the godfather of Punjabi music and sings and promotes real Bhangra

The original and classic TUTAK TUTAK TUTIYA