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Bhangra is here to stay forever

I am happy to announce Bhangra although the onslaught and enemies of traditional Bhangra and its associated culture have been many and strong their efforts have been tireless and unrelenting but as a real Bhangra head along with many of my friends and relatives I have been greatly pleased with the resurgence of the music that is so dear to the residents of the five rivers and our exported relatives and cousins.

There have been attempts at merging Bhangra with other forms of music calling it fusion and diluting the real essence of the sound as well as many other ploys like making video an obligation so stopping the real traditional Bhangra artists gaining a foothold into the industry weakening it further.

Punjabis have shown their dedication to their culture by keeping this very important art form alive yet we still see artists appearing on television saying traditional bhangra is head the beats are the same and the music is not progressing, we at feel something so pure as pure as gold to us would only be spoilt by being diluted with the sad depressing lyrics and artists emerging from the mainstream who dont even know how to speak the language of Punjabi which is tied into the Bhangra music we so much adore.

I have even seen artists from mainstream radio stations who host fusion nights and trance music claiming Bhangra needs to evolve whilst feeding their families with the very music they are trying to extinguish, its true to say many of them have now eaten their words and although hate the music with a passion and everything it stands for are keeping their views from public view whilst secretly plotting its downfall by introducing vile videos and slowly chipping away at the very values of Bhangra us punjabis have so come to love.

So whether you are a Punjabi or even none Punjabi from around the world who has and will cherish our beloved music and language for now and in the distant future then raise a glass of lassi to the reemergence of the most beautiful music and culture to rise into this world the music of BHangra.