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surjit bindrakhia tera yaar bolda Classic

An all time great and groundbreaking classic Surjit Bindrakhia tera yaar bolda this song is played on almost every Punjabi wedding and is one of the most evergreen punjabi songs of all time.


Inderjit Nikku - College

Classic gem from 2010 from Nikku great track catchy needs a rerelease in 2014.

Peer Tere Jaan Di - Gurdass Mann - Classic Real Punjabi Track

Although a none bhangra track this is a classic punjabi song needs to be remembered

Peer Tere Jaan Di - Gurdass Mann - Classic Real Punjabi Track

Gurdass Mann - Babe BHangra Pounde Ne - Classic

Brilliant brilliant track released by Gurdass Mann which translates as the grandfathers or old men are dancing bhangra which was a message to the youth of Punjab that old men were healthier than them after the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse that has taken place in the region. It is a song to motivate the young masses and old alike to get up and have a dance.

Gurdass Mann - Challa (Classic)

Gurdass Mann is the face of Punjabi music around the world his voice holds a deep power which we as punjabis recognise. Now challa was created before the time of electronic music machines and mp3's but the tune hit so deep in the heart of punjabis it is listened to up until this day this is truly a great piece of music that needs to be understood to be appreciated.

Rangli Duniya | Punjabi Video Song | Pammi Bai

Rangli Duniya | Punjabi Video Song | Pammi Bai

RDB - Aja Mahi - Featuring Metz And Trix (Classics)

Aja Mahi is one of those tracks that just remains in your brain long after hearing it. Using a classic background track from Sweet like chocolate this tune was EVERYWHERE weddings, cars, clubs, radio. RDB are good at their craft and it shows in some of their best tracks.

This tune really took off when Akshay Kumar danced to it at an awards ceremony in case you do not know who he is Akshay is one of the top 5 bollywood stars worldwide. The execution of the track and the audience worldwide were wowed with the performance it is so good I have included it below.

Akshay Kumar & RDB at the IIFA awards

Moneyspinner - Pangha

Without all of the hype when it comes down to it the video and reviews are just meaningless what should matter is the music and most of all the music should be real and what people on the street can relate to with this recent epidemic of meaningless and fake videos pretending to be what their not along came the group moneyspinner and slapped the industry in the face and woke people up by making a track so real it doesnt need faking.

Moneyspinner bring punjabi reality to the forefront with tracks everyone enjoys here is a classic from them pangha.

Bikram Singh - Kawan

Am amazing amazing classic the talent we feel of Bikram Singh has not been used as it should and if developed with the right tunes this singer can easily become one of the all time greats this track showcases his talent and even though it is a classic it still begs to be played again and again.

Kurti Lal - Harbhajan Maan

A legend in traditional in Punjab a real punjabi with songs that dont require any extra fluff or rubbish the lyrics are true simple and Punjabi in the real sense of the word.

Aman Hayer, Nirmal Sidhu & G-Money 'Sher Punjabi'

A classic from the West Midlands genius that is Aman Hayer this producer has some of the greatest groundshaking sounds available. Sher punjabi is destined to be a classic for years to come.

Tru Skool - Gurdass Mann - Jagg De Rehnaa

What a brilliant classic in the Real Bhangra hall of fame. This track highlights the problems and greed that has overtaken the most beautiful culture in the world it asks people to wake up form the nightmare and return to their roots and stay awake. Excellent music, production and an education to boot what more could you ask for.

Juggy D - Sohniye = Classic

Juggy D although a modern fusion artist has a voice that is unbeatable by today's standards in Bhangra. His classic track sohniye is a testament to a generation that even though you are not in Punjab you can still produce world beating Bhangra music.

Jaz Dhami - Bari Der

Jaz Dhami really understands the concept of Bhangra and punjabi music as it should be conveyed a positive message using traditional tracks wow what a classic check it our people.

Nishwan Bhullar - Teri Photo

Wow classic modern track with yo yo Honey Singh  about the fact that no real Punjabi martyr has had his photo on any currency and why they haven't. Brilliant brilliant track will get people pumped for years to come.

Juggy D - Okhe Pound

Jugy D is one of the few artists with THAT real bhangra vibe and this song proves it as well as conveying a message it really hits home like real punjabi music should check it out

Surjit bindrakhia - tera yaar bolda

Easily on of the most memorable and brilliant tracks to come out of Punjab although over 15 years old this track never fails to impress whenever its played n a wedding party or even at home everyone's feet seem to tap to this brilliant brilliant classic

Surjit Bindrakhia died soon after due to health complication but this type of music will live on forever.

Mangi Mahal - Jatt Velly

Another amazing track in our classic collection of videos here is Mangi Mahal Jatt Velly a catchy track from the excellent voice of Punjabi singer Mangi Mahal who has more than a few tracks in our favorites collection. This track features Sudesh Kumari another great artist, although the track comes more under folk music than Bhangra we like to categorize everything under Bhangra.

With an excellent video this track just begs to be danced to

Malkit Singh - Tutak Tutian - Classic Tune

If you know bhangra then you Malkit Singh this guy is also known as the godfather of Punjabi music and sings and promotes real Bhangra

The original and classic TUTAK TUTAK TUTIYA