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H Dhami & GV

Cracking new track from H Dhami who is really growing as an artist his old presentations have been inconsistent but now he is showing he is a powerful force in the world of real punjabi music. GV needs no introduction and is seen as a great producer by the large portfolio of collaborations he is building.

Putt Jattan De - Tru Skool

Amazing remake from tru skool and his group this is a hit tune no more needs to be said.

Juggy D - Okhe Pound

Jugy D is one of the few artists with THAT real bhangra vibe and this song proves it as well as conveying a message it really hits home like real punjabi music should check it out

Juz D Notorious Jatt - Modern Bhangra Track

Here is another example of modern bhangra done right and mixed correctly to complement rather than destroy a track.

Also the fact that the dancers know and recognize real bhangra gives the track a much more authentic feel than we are used to with the garbage being churned out in today's modern music