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Salaama - Notorious JATT Featuring Kaka Bhaniawala

Brilliant brilliant track a different offering from N.J this track was recorded before Kaka passed on and the lyrics are very very powerful highly recommended buy this track and support the great work of Kaka and Notorious Jatt


E3IN Records are proud to present the brand new single entitled Salaama by internationally acclaimed music producer Notorious JATT and featuring the vocal talents of the late Kaka Bhaniawala. 

Fresh off the success of his recent official number 1 hit single Heartbreaker, Notorious follows up with Salaama. Having worked together only once previously on the huge anthem Ramaal, Salaama promises to emulate the success the pair had on their first project. 

Salaama is one of the most personal songs ever recorded by the late Kaka Bhaniawala where he reflects on his life story, made all the more poignant as Kaka is no longer with us. This is the final song the pair ever recorded together and was started by the duo before the singer tragically passed away in 2009.

Salaama is the third single release from the long awaited and highly anticipated album Gamechanger and promises to further showcase Notorious JATT's depth and vision as a music producer.

Salaama is accompanied by a music video shot on location in Punjab by Silverbak Visuals and edited & mastered in the UK by WV Entertainment & Ballistic Productions.

Salaama is set to officially release worldwide on 20th March 2014 on E3IN Records via iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play & all other leading digital outlet stores.

Keep in touch with Notorious JATT at the following social media links:
Twitter: @djnotoriousjatt
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Juz D ft Notorious JATT & Bullet - 420 - June 2013

Another amazing track by one of the elite in the Bhangra scene hated by many but his music speaks for itself. The production on this track has stepped the game up yet again.

Bullet the Honey Singh style rapper sounds excellent with a more authentic vibe about him than other punjabi rappers of course if you want to rap in punjabi it helps to be brought up in the scene you are portraying and it also helps if your a REAL PUNJABI so looking forward to more stuff from these guys.

Juz D has done another collaboration with Notorious before and can be found here

Notorious jatt - dosti

Another fantastic release from one of the top producers in the uk an excellent introduction to his new album no pulling punches in the lyrics and a video which keeps it real no hired cars no hired actors and no fake lyrics.

Still looking for a tru skool and notorious jatt collaboration 

Juz D Notorious Jatt - Modern Bhangra Track

Here is another example of modern bhangra done right and mixed correctly to complement rather than destroy a track.

Also the fact that the dancers know and recognize real bhangra gives the track a much more authentic feel than we are used to with the garbage being churned out in today's modern music

Notorious Jatt - Real Bhangra Artist

Notorious Jatt an artist hailing out of the UK is a rare breed of producer whereby he is able to fuse traditional bhangra bets with modern music and not spoil the tune.

His fusion keeps the message of bhangra real and he manages to get across the message with eloquence and quality delivery.

The video above is an example of his production skills whereby he manages to fuse traditional fold with music that everybody can dance to and the delivery of the music shows real bhangra music at its best.

I challenge you to find better production and the use of traditional lyrics as well as music with such a punchy delivery.

You can find more information on his latest releases and previously released music below.