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RDB - Aja Mahi - Featuring Metz And Trix (Classics)

Aja Mahi is one of those tracks that just remains in your brain long after hearing it. Using a classic background track from Sweet like chocolate this tune was EVERYWHERE weddings, cars, clubs, radio. RDB are good at their craft and it shows in some of their best tracks.

This tune really took off when Akshay Kumar danced to it at an awards ceremony in case you do not know who he is Akshay is one of the top 5 bollywood stars worldwide. The execution of the track and the audience worldwide were wowed with the performance it is so good I have included it below.

Akshay Kumar & RDB at the IIFA awards

Surjit bindrakhia - tera yaar bolda

Easily on of the most memorable and brilliant tracks to come out of Punjab although over 15 years old this track never fails to impress whenever its played n a wedding party or even at home everyone's feet seem to tap to this brilliant brilliant classic

Surjit Bindrakhia died soon after due to health complication but this type of music will live on forever.

Mangi Mahal - Jatt Velly

Another amazing track in our classic collection of videos here is Mangi Mahal Jatt Velly a catchy track from the excellent voice of Punjabi singer Mangi Mahal who has more than a few tracks in our favorites collection. This track features Sudesh Kumari another great artist, although the track comes more under folk music than Bhangra we like to categorize everything under Bhangra.

With an excellent video this track just begs to be danced to

Jatt & Juliet Punjabi Movie Songs

A new movie from Punjab titles Jatt & Juliet a play on William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet has been released in Europe and the USA

Movie Summary

Jatt is a mischievous lovable sort of a guy whilst Juliet is the typical Punjabi modern day girl. Sparks fly when their paths cross on their way to Canada due to their different outlook on life. But as faith brings them together time and time again their hatred for each slowly turns into friendship only to realize its true meaning when they get separated. Will life give them one more chance to prove their love for each other or will they continue to be at loggerheads?

The official Youtube trailer for Jatt & Juliet

Stars & Co Stars

Jatt & Juliet features punjabi singer Diljit who is well known among punjabi's worldwide for some huge hit songs such as Lakh 28 shown below

Lakh 28 By Diljit from Itunes official video youtube

The songs from Jatt & Juliet include Fatto and hi fi Juliet like Diljits other albums are sure to become massive hits. With the punjabi market now overtaking hindi movie sales in the West you can expect to see a lot more new Punjabi singers starring in movies in future.

For more details on Jatt & Juliet visit the official website