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RDB - Aja Mahi - Featuring Metz And Trix (Classics)

Aja Mahi is one of those tracks that just remains in your brain long after hearing it. Using a classic background track from Sweet like chocolate this tune was EVERYWHERE weddings, cars, clubs, radio. RDB are good at their craft and it shows in some of their best tracks.

This tune really took off when Akshay Kumar danced to it at an awards ceremony in case you do not know who he is Akshay is one of the top 5 bollywood stars worldwide. The execution of the track and the audience worldwide were wowed with the performance it is so good I have included it below.

Akshay Kumar & RDB at the IIFA awards

We Doin' It BIG - RDB feat. Smooth & Raftaar [Official Video]

We Doin' It BIG - RDB feat. Smooth & Raftaar 

Amazing new track and tribute to their late brother with appearances from some real bhangra players from around the world we doin it big is just a taste of what amazing music RDB will be putting out under their label three.

After the refusal of hindi channels a few years ago to feature Sardars (turbaned Sikhs) on their channels people like RDB and Juggy D have taken back Bhangra and will be pushing it to a new level as can be witnessed from this video.

With record companies buying up old catalogs for self interest and profit is is nice to see a real bhangra outfit that has pushed punjabi pride and music worldwide finally making the move to overtake the industry all I can say is if this is what is to come from three and RDB I am impatient as hell to see the new offerings they will be bringing to us Punjabis and none punjabis alike.

Hopefully the big artists see this opportunity and join what is sure to become a revolution in Punjabi & real bhangra music. - RDB Official Site