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Ahaa a Real Bhangra favorite now if you have been watching or seeing the rubbish music put out there by many artists and are one of the confused many as to what REAL BHANGRA looks like in its traditional setting well look no further here we go with this amazing true to the art video by Gupsy Aujla and crew

Adh & Kuldeep Manak - Putt Sardaran De

Spectacular track by adh and manak and an interesting story behind how ADH pulled off the track with the legend that was Kuldeep Manak

Notorious Jatt - Real Bhangra Artist

Notorious Jatt an artist hailing out of the UK is a rare breed of producer whereby he is able to fuse traditional bhangra bets with modern music and not spoil the tune.

His fusion keeps the message of bhangra real and he manages to get across the message with eloquence and quality delivery.

The video above is an example of his production skills whereby he manages to fuse traditional fold with music that everybody can dance to and the delivery of the music shows real bhangra music at its best.

I challenge you to find better production and the use of traditional lyrics as well as music with such a punchy delivery.

You can find more information on his latest releases and previously released music below.