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We at real bhangra feel authentic Punjabi bhangra has sold out to the mass market and only a handful of artists truly understand authentic bhangra from its rots in Punjab. This site has been set up to correct that confusion and address all of the issues we feel that arent being addressed by mainstream bhangra artists who probably do not even know the meaning of the world.

As real music aficionados we love the nostalgia of authentic bhangra music and want to only listen to that without the other fillers and rubbish mixed with all  kinds of rubbish to be rammed down our throats.

This may sound a bit harsh to modern bhangra music fans but you have to be passionate about your music as well as everything else in life that is the beauty of Bhhangra music and its authenticity and energy which cannot till date be found in any other genre of music.

Welcome to real bhangra

Thanks for coming this is real bhangra a bhangra blog created by REAL bhangra fans not for money or fame but purely for the love of bhangra so enjoy and dont forget to leave comments on what you think of our blog