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Putt Jattan De - Tru Skool

Amazing remake from tru skool and his group this is a hit tune no more needs to be said.

Bikram Singh - Kawan

Am amazing amazing classic the talent we feel of Bikram Singh has not been used as it should and if developed with the right tunes this singer can easily become one of the all time greats this track showcases his talent and even though it is a classic it still begs to be played again and again.

Gurbhej Brar - Chak Dhen Geh

VIP records an outfit out of the UK produces huge hits and is the ONLY company to provide consistent well grounded real bhangra in fact when a famous indian TV channel stated they didnt want traditional looking sardar bhangra dancers on the air VIP records were one of the few to put out even more traditional bhangra guys.

The artists from the VIP records camp are true to the game especially tru skool whose hits are amazing but before we come to the others here is a guy keeping real bhangra and real folk alive its Gurbhej Brar with Chak Dhen Geh